With teleworking on the rise, Kumo’s cloud phone system supports the mobile workforce of today. It’s more than just making work mobile, but rather provide a complete Smartbox unified command center (UCC) where users can access files, instant message, check reporting and much more. Users can quite literally, take their office with them. For your convenience, Kumo UCC is available on both Android and iOS devices.

  • Seamless call transfers from your desk phone to mobile (the other person will not even know it happened!)
  • Chat comfortably with fully encrypted business IM messaging
  • Enjoy call recording on your mobile too
  • Use Smartbox for sync and file sharing on the go
  • Install Kumo UCC across all your devices
  • Enjoy top tier 2-phase authentication security
  • Call routing and parking features are fully functional on a mobile

The average person today owns and regularly uses multiple personal devices. At Kumo we believe that business should be no different. Your business communications should be as flexible and mobile as you are. With Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM), you can utilize and manage all your devices from one dashboard with no manual maintenance for the user as all deletions or adjustments are done seamless across all cloud devices in real-time. But what happens if I my phone is lost or stolen? No problem, MADM can remotely log out or even remove devices from your manager remotely.

Kumo Smartbox UCC gives users collaboration on the move. Kumo UCC makes the mobile application so much more than a phone. With UCC users can share content, chat with co-workers, participate in conference calls, check their voicemail, make a quick call and so much more within a single mobile app.

  • Accessibility – when the unexpected strikes, yourself and your employees have the capabilities to be connected anywhere
  • Accountability – never miss an important call when your office phone comes with you
  • Productivity – what would normally be dead time in transit or lapses in between activities can now be productive
  • Lower Turnover – satisfied employees stay with the company longer and experience better work-life balance
  • Functionality – mobility is more than just a phone, Smartbox UCC allows for chatting and sharing files on the go as well
  • Cost Reduction – less commute and meal costs to the employee as well as less equipment and physical space investment for the business

With Kumo Contact Center, you get unlimited minutes, queues, call recordings, cloud storage, analytics history and user agents deployable anywhere in the world! Kumo Contact Center helps to organize your in and outbound calls to improve your customer services and enhance communications. And thanks to the cloud, there's no need for any expensive on‐site equipment. Kumo boasts a multi‐user admin portal, supervisory modes, skills‐based routing, customer call‐back, live monitor, real‐time presence, MFA, SSO, integrated with cloud PBX.

  • Unlimited Call Center SMEs
  • ACD Call Reporting & Disposition
  • Pre‐Recorded Messages On Hold
  • Queue to Queue Transfers (10 call queues included)
  • Logic Based Routing
  • Multiple Queues
  • Call Recording
  • Call Prioritization Depending on Urgency
  • Supervisory Modes
  • Customer Call Back
  • Grab Important Caller
  • Real‐Time Monitoring
  • Set Random / Static Call Recording
  • Graphical Agent / Supervisory Interface

Make actionable business decisions based on real-time analytical results. Stay apprised to the up-to-the-moment happenings within your contact center and adjust accordingly when it matters most.

With Kumo Contact Center, users can set up over 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Service Level Agreements (SLA). Monitor call center queues, call center agent efficiencies or any user in your company. Measure queue lengths, call talk time, missed calls, idle time, handled calls and more. Set measurement intervals, threshold values, operation types and interval definitions. If a metric is exceeded, the offending queue or user is flagged red in the Unified Live Monitor (ULM) instantly, alerting supervisors to take immediate action. Notifications can also be sent via IM, email or SMS too. Additionally, scheduled or ad hoc analytics reports can be generated and sent to supervisors.

Imagine being able to know instantly when customers have been waiting in a call queue for more than a minute and be able instantly pull a customer out or add agents to reduce customer wait time. Know instantly when a support technician has been on the phone for more than 20 minutes and whisper into their ear, so that you can give instant feedback on how to be more efficient when handling a support call. With Cloud UC's real-time business analytics, your business can be optimized for peak performance in real-time.

Kumo’s enterprise-wide ACD provides sophisticated real-time live monitoring and reporting is available from any internet browser. Both inbound and outbound calls can be monitored and displayed. In addition, you can interact with the live monitor, such as pull a caller out of queue and connect instantly with them. Kumo takes monitoring even further with training supervisory modes: Silent Listen, Whisper and Barge-in capability. With Silent Listen, a supervisor can listen in to any agent's current phone call for evaluation and feedback. With Whisper, the supervisor can actually whisper into the ear of the agent without the caller hearing anything. Finally, Barge-in allows supervisors to break into a call and take over the conversation. Furthermore, Kumo provides detailed agent reports. Both features help in-house contact centers optimize and fine-tune their resources, so that they can provide the most efficient and effective service to their customers.

Kumo provides a number of advanced contact center features found exclusively on high-end contact center solutions. These capabilities add convenience to the customer experience as well as improve efficiency for agents.

  • Push Customer – gives prioritization control to supervisors to direct critical customers in the queue to an agent immediately. This ability can dramatically lower customer frustration levels.
  • Customer Call Back – callers never need to wait again! They can now either enter their phone number or the system grabs their Caller ID (if available) and then simply hang up. When their place holder reaches the front of the queue and an agent is available, Kumo automatically calls the customer back.
  • PBX Integration – Unlike other Contact Center solutions Kumo integrates with PBX and other Kumo communications services (i.e. conferencing, real-time presence, collaboration & messaging). This comes in handy when an agent is let’s say on an outbound call and their phone starts ringing anyway, because it doesn’t know they are on an outbound call already and routed another call to them.
  • Multiple Routing Algorithms – choose ring all, round robin, longest-time idle, random, next available, fewest calls and skills-based. Skills-based routing is a powerful method that allows you to associate agents with particular skills and route calls based on those skills.

Kumo provides a variety of recording solutions for contact center agents and supervisors. Agents can elect to record inbound or outbound calls from their handset, softphone or mobile phone with a simple key stroke and recorded calls can be seamlessly transferred between handsets, softphone and cell phones mid-call. Calls recorded will be stored in the agent's shared storage along with emails, voicemails and digital faxes for later play back, search and sort.

Three recording modes: (1)static recording, which records all calls in a scheduled work day per user; (2) random recording, which is a selectable percentage of calls to record; and (3) on-the-fly recording, which is always ready for any user and any portion of a call. Contact center supervisors can set the recording mode for each agent. All calls being recorded have a visual representation of that status in the UCC graphic panel along with callers ID and queue name. All recordings are stored in the cloud on reliable, redundant storage servers for retrieval at any time.

Kumo supports audio, video and messenger services that can help you communicate with customers as well as allow your team to collaborate on projects with complete interconnectivity. When all your communications are unified into a single, browser-based interface, easily accessed with the click of a URL, it becomes instantly easy to send files, hold web and video conferences and access desktops remotely. Connect Me takes collaboration to the next level. Sessions can be initiated ad hoc at any time or scheduled on a calendar as a one time or recurring event.

Schedule meetings in advance or start an instant online meeting and invite people to join with real-time cloud-based web collaborations. Web collaboration allows businesses to have a richer communication experience with their customers. Without investing in hardware or software, you can initiate a web conference from your Kumo secure IM client. People from any part of the world can join your conference from the web. You can share your presentations, documents, desktop or demonstrate your products to your audiences from anywhere even when you are on the road. Collaborator's web conference has just the right features to enhance internal communications and keep connected with customers and partners. Users can initiate a one-to-one session with another person or bring together multiple people in a multi-media rich video conferencing session supporting an unlimited number of participants.

Audio Conferencing is the backbone of conference room communications. Cloud UC has you covered with exceptional conferencing capability and quality. Conference over 25 users together with zero echo or distortions. Cloud UC provides both personal and office conferencing with dedicated conferencing numbers and secure password protection. Cloud UC conferencing supports standard SIP-based conferencing phones.

Video conferencing truly brings together people and resources from around the world. Kumo's Connect Me service represents a revolutionary new multi-media rich way businesses can communicate with their customers, prospects, co- workers and partners! People will be able to join Connect Me enabled businesses and communicate using secure voice and high-definition video with a simple click on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Save on business travel costs by collaborating via video!

Cloud UC provides secure group chat/IM capabilities built-in to the UCC interface. Easily create dynamic or static groups and initiate a group IM with them at any time. Add or remove users easily. Convert any group IM session into an audio conference with a click of a button.

Whether you are having a phone conversation with your remote colleague, or conducting a weekly conference call with your staff, within seconds and with a simple click, you can show your desktop. Share documents, presentations, and even a live demo running on your desktop. Noteworthy features include:

  • Share your desktop with up to 10 other Kumo users at once
  • Multiple participants can share their desktop or presentations simultaneously
  • See all participants and how long they have been in attendance
  • Invite additional participants during a session
  • Dynamically and instantly give control of the session to any user with a click of a button
  • Whiteboard feature including multi-color, multi-weight pen drawing, erasing and highlighting
  • Zoom, partial or whole screen sharing
  • Integrated group chat window

Make actionable business decisions based on real-time analytical results. Stay apprised to the up-to-the-moment happenings within your contact center and adjust accordingly when it matters most. Decrease delayed reaction time by making the most critical information readily available to you when you need it the most!

With Kumo Contact Center, users can set up over 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Service Level Agreements (SLA). Monitor call center queues, call center agent efficiencies or any user in your company. Measure queue lengths, call talk time, missed calls, idle time, handled calls and more. Set measurement intervals, threshold values, operation types and interval definitions. If a metric is exceeded, the offending queue or user is flagged red in the Unified Live Monitor (ULM) instantly, alerting supervisors to take immediate action. Notifications can also be sent via IM, email or SMS too. Additionally, scheduled or ad hoc analytics reports can be generated and sent to supervisors.

Imagine being able to know instantly when customers have been waiting in a call queue for more than a minute and be able instantly pull a customer out or add agents to reduce customer wait time. Know instantly when a support technician has been on the phone for more than 20 minutes and whisper into their ear, so that you can give instant feedback on how to be more efficient when handling a support call. With Cloud UC's real-time business analytics, your business can be optimized for peak performance in real-time.

Kumo provides advanced reporting capabilities with its analytics report engine. Detailed queue, agent and even user reports can be generated through an easy to use browser interface. The flexible scheduling engine can deliver reports ad hoc or at a pre-defined time or periodically at pre-set intervals. Reports can be generated and sent to one or more managers for review. Multiple report formats make it a snap to import the report into 3rd party applications. Reports can be viewed on any standard browser.

Apply analytical metrics, alerts and reporting on any user in your account, not just call center agents or call queues! If you have a group of support technicians you want to measure or a sales team, no problem. With Kumo’s business analytics capability, any user in your account can be monitored in real-time or through detailed reports. This simplifies management and improves worker productivity.

Need to be out of your office, but still need to monitor your call center or sales team? No problem with Kumo's Mobile Unified Live Monitor (ULM) app which has integrated SLA/KPI analytics built-in! Create detailed SLA/KPI triggers or alerts, specify who to alert, thresholds for the alerts and time intervals all from your mobile device. Monitor call center agents, call queues or any user within your account. When a SLA or KPI is exceeded, receive alerts and perform real-time monitoring all from your smartphone or tablet.

Kumo's business analytics can even optimize call-in campaign management by providing mass call-in campaign analytics and reports. Run periodic reports on multiple advertisements that terminate to different DID numbers to see which advertisements are producing the best return on investment. Instantly see how call-in campaigns are performing. With Kumo's business analytics, you have complete control of your call-in campaigns.

Kumo's SmartBox is one of the most comprehensive business-class cloud file sync and share solutions available today. Seamlessly integrating unlimited cloud storage, enterprise-level security, file syncing, simplified file sharing, multiple share privileges, unlimited file versioning, advanced administration and business analytics into a single solution accessible from desktop to mobile devices. SmartBox increases productivity, centralizes and secures content management, lowers IT operating expenses and greatly simplifies multiple cloud service management and administration.

Share files simply and securely with SmartBox. Whether it's with a co-worker, client or partner, sharing files has never been easier. Share exactly what you want to exactly who you want to with specific share privileges you control. Upload and share from virtually any device. Synchronize file updates instantly and track when users open and download content. SmartBox eliminates frustrating FTP and VPN complexities with an easy to use consistent user interface that is available on desktops and mobile devices.

Sharing content is usually just the first step in conducting business. Communicating and collaborating with people you've shared the information with completes the cycle. Unfortunately, for most businesses, communicating and collaborating become endless loops of "phone tag" and "email replies". SmartBox's integrated unified communications features eliminate wasted time trying to connect. Once you share your content to a group of share users, SmartBox shows you every share user's contact information and presents real-time presence for each share user. Know instantly when people are available and then use Kumo's Connect Me feature to instantly call, IM, video conference, email or deskshare with the share group or an individual share user.

With the proliferation of mobile devices in the business world, you need a cloud storage solution that has mobile content management built-in from the start. SmartBox has built-in mobile content management with mobile apps that allow you to share and synchronize content exactly the way you want to from your mobile devices. Upload and download content with ease.
SmartBox gives you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to seamlessly integrate all your mobile devices into your enterprise content management umbrella.

SmartBox provides easy access to and sharing of your content without sacrificing security or data protection. In fact, Kumo provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all enterprise clients, essentially creating a "virtual VPN" security blanket around all your content. This prevents someone who illegally acquires a SmartBox user's credentials from accessing any of that user's content! You can permanently authenticate a device once for convenience or temporarily authenticate a device, providing access your SmartBox content temporarily from a public device. And with Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM), you can remotely logoff or block any SmartBox client. In addition, all files are encrypted, in transit and at rest.

Kumo SmartBox replicator service provides a fast and convenient way to migrate from other 3rd party storage providers to SmartBox. With a single click of a mouse, the complete contents of your 3rd party storage provider can be replicated within SmartBox, including your complete directory structure and files. The cloud to cloud architecture means that the replication is fast and more importantly doesn't go through your bandwidth or network, eliminating any impact on your network. The service runs in the background and notifies the user when completed. Box and Dropbox are currently supported, but other 3rd party storage providers will be added.

SmartBox provides enterprise-class administration. Each administrator can have multiple privilege roles as well, providing a combination of the following privileges: view/access user content, set per user storage limits, enable/disable local per user sync, reassign content ownership and more. Any SmartBox user can be defined as an administrator(s). This allows enterprises to create whatever administrative hierarchy that suits their needs. For user convenience, all Kumo services support Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities when used with an approved identity provider. These identity providers provide a single sign in portal from which you can access all Kumo services and portals without the need to remember URLs, usernames or passwords anymore.

Microsoft Works When and Where You Want It To

The Office 365 package includes all the applications you know and love: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access (PC) and Publisher (PC). Microsoft office applications are so deeply entrenched in the way business operates today, it would be nearly impossible to even imagine getting through an average work day without utilizing at least one of these handy Microsoft tools.

Office 365 is cloud-based meaning it can be ready when and where you are on whatever device you choose. Whether you are stationed in front of your desk or reading emails on the train while sipping your morning Starbucks - Office 365 works whenever and wherever you do. Office 365 gives users the power to share, edit and create files on the go across all your devices. It is compatible with all PC or Mac laptops and tablets as well as iOS, Android or Windows smartphones.

Office 365 is designed with business in mind. Your communications can be as uniquely branded as your business. You can use Microsoft tools to customize business email addresses, emails and marketing content. Using the right combination of Office tools provides users a more collaborative and productive team experience by maximize resources and combating business constraints. To provide an example, some types of communication need a fast answer and in this case a quick IM on Skype is the obvious choice. While other questions aren’t time sensitive at all and shooting an email over will do just fine. Or perhaps a project requires in-depth explainer with dissemination of new training material. In this instance, scheduling a time in Outlook with your team, sharing files from your online storage (1Tb per user) and hosting a Skype video conference would suit your needs perfectly.

You’ll be up in running in no time! We are here to assist with implementation and training every step of the way. Never bother yourself with any IT related hiccups or regular updates. Your Office applications will always be running and will automatically update software and file versions across all your devices.

With Office 365, security comes standard. We do our very best to make sure proprietary information stays exactly where it should be, safely within your control. Office provides physical, logical and data security, in addition to providing administrative controls that gives the business more discretionary power in matters of user-based security. Now that security concerns are addressed, let’s turn the attention to reliability. Through careful investment of the best infrastructure Office touts a 99.9% uptime.

Cloud isn’t just for your phone system. Bring your faxing solution into the future as well. More and more companies are adopting a more dynamic, mobile way to fax documents quickly online.

  • In a digital age, it’s more timely and efficient to send electronically
  • Digital fax is more cost effective than traditional faxing
  • The more functions a business houses in the cloud the more accessible and simple it is for teams to collaborate

In the mobile and digital landscape of today, efficiency and affordability make cloud solutions a logical choice for business. When you choose Kumo cloud faxing you are free to keep your original number or choose a from a variety of toll-free and local options. Put away all the clunky hardware and get ready to save on repairs.

Never miss an important fax again, by taking your faxing solution on the road with you. Simply send or receive any fax you need on any of your devices (i.e. smartphone, tablet or laptop).

  • Toll-free and local fax numbers available
  • Cloud fax solutions can receive both traditional and digital faxes
  • Faxes will arrive directly to your email inbox
  • Digital format makes it easy to store and reference back
  • Cloud faxing is completely secure with encrypted transmission

The Connect platform allows you to seamlessly use the leading apps in the market out of the box. With the Connect platform, you can also infuse communications into your custom business-critical apps. This allows your workforce to be more productive, your customers to be more satisfied, and at the same time provides you valuable insight into your business. Integrations break down the barriers that can impede communications productivity between both customers and your team.

In a world of a varied third party platforms and applications, it’s become increasingly important for unified communications systems to be apprised to beneficial integrations such as office applications and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Kumo Cloud UC is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive cloud solutions to users as possible. A large component of providing this comprehensive solution has made focusing on integrations a top priority, starting with the most universally used platforms like SalesForce and Microsoft Office suite.

  1. Sales Force
    The SalesForce integration allows for users to make and receive calls within their CRMs. This provides more accurate record keeping and more effective relationship management of existing clients or potential customers. Users can even have call details transmitted directly into their CRM.
  2. Microsoft Office 365
    Make a call straight out of your Office 365 or Outlook contacts screen. Reviewing an email and want to call the sender? No problem, click on the phone number in their signature block and the call is placed using Cloud UC's PBX functionality.
  3. Skype for Business
    Cloud UC provides a Skype of Business (S4B) plugin executable that allows users to integrate the Skype for Business application with the Kumo back-end service providing ultra-reliable enhanced services to S4B users. The S4B plugin is the only plugin that supports multiple active calls which means you can manage an office or handle multiple callers at once. Place callers on hold, perform blind or supervised transfers and even conference all callers together. In addition, outbound calls can be made from any registered device including the softphone, any registered IP hard phone or even a generic DID number (such as a cell phone). Inbound calls can also be taken on any registered device.

    The S4B plugin provides the following functionality:

    • Make outbound calls from within the Skype window using Kumo's telecom service
    • Receive inbound calls to any device including softphone, IP phone or any DID number
    • On the Phone" presence passed to Skype window
    • Recent calls history window
    • Make outbound calls from any device including softphone, IP phone or even a cell phone with settable default device option
    • Supports multiple active calls at once and perform blind or supervised transfers, hold or mute functions
    • Conference call function capabilities with all active/on hold callers
  4. Universal Browser Integration
    Cloud UC's integration doesn't stop with Office 365 and Salesforce CRM integration. In fact, Cloud UC can bring unified communications to any webpage and any web-based service. With Cloud UC, any telephone number on any webpage is instantly converted to a clickable telephone link that can place a call using Cloud UC's PBX functionality. This click-to-call feature is also available to use on documents uploaded into cloud storage, Kumo’s Smartbox, Dropbox or Box, and previewed web documents.

Everyone has a smartphone now days and the demand for mobile-friendly services is high. What's more, our mobile app helps your phone integrate seamlessly with your networks - it's like carrying your whole office around with you. And users can take advantage of: full support for nearly all phones and tablet devices. All your data is in the cloud, so it's easy to retrieve and always secure.

With Mobile SmartBox UCC, you can take your office with you and never miss any important communications. This mobile application offers, so much more than a softphone, Mobile SmartBox UCC provides a complete mobile unified communications command center! Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Mobile SmartBox UCC provides the following features:

  • Full softphone for ext-to-ext, PSTN or international dialing
  • Receive inbound calls via customizable routing plan
  • Call Parking, Conferencing and transfer features
  • Full featured encrypted business IM
  • Complete contact management including Outlook contact sync
  • Cloud-based call recording
  • Seamless Mobile Call integration
  • Highest level of security with 2-phase authentication
  • Integrated call parking
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Multiple Active Device Manager
  • Fully integrated with SmartBox file sync and share

For user security purposes, the WorldSmart account can only be universally accessed from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with the mobile application. However, you may acquire a free valid WorldSmart account with desktop UCC capability (optional on some seats).

With Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM), you can manage and receive all your communications on any or all of your devices, including multiple desktops, tablets and smartphones. All notifications are coordinated and synchronized so you don't waste time manually deleting old notifications. And MADM allows you to remotely monitor, force log out and even block any of your devices remotely; a necessary feature should your device become stolen or lost. Once blocked, all locally cached content is immediately erased, preventing any information from being compromised.