Conferencing & Collaboration

Collaborate on Your Terms

Collaboration is easy with Kumo. We support audio, video, and messenger services that help you communicate with your customers and your team. When all your communications are unified into a single, browser-based interface, it’s easy to send files, host web and video conferences, and remotely access desktops. Sessions can be initiated ad hoc at any time or scheduled on a calendar as a one time or recurring event.


Desktop/Screen Sharing

Within seconds, with a single click, you can share your desktop while on a call with a remote colleague, or during a weekly conference call with the whole staff. Work collaboratively with documents, presentations, and even live demos. You can:

  • Share your desktop with up to 10 other Kumo users at once
  • Have multiple participants share their desktops or presentations simultaneously
  • See who’s present and how long each participant has been there
  • Invite additional participants mid-session
  • Dynamically and instantly give control of the session to any user
  • Whiteboard feature including multi-color, multi-weight pen drawing, erasing, and highlighting
  • Use zoom, partial, or whole-screen sharing
  • Integrated group chat window

Text, Voice, or Video

Collaborate anyway you want. Cloud UC’s exceptional conferencing capabilities allow you to connect over 25 users with zero echo or distortion. Cloud UC provides dedicated conferencing numbers and secure password protection for all of the following:



Connect face-to-face from around the world over HD video, the closest thing to being there



The backbone of office conference calls, speak freely with crisp, clear, and fully secure digital connections


Group IM/Chat

Group chat & IM capabilities built right into the UCC interface can operate statically or dynamically

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