With teleworking on the rise, Kumo’s cloud phone system supports the mobile workforce of today. It’s more than just making work mobile, but rather providing a complete Smartbox unified command center (UCC) where users can access files, instant message, check reporting and much more. Users can quite literally take their office with them. For your convenience, Kumo UCC is available on both Android and iOS devices.

  • Seamless call transfers from your desk phone to mobile (the other person will not even know it happened!)
  • Chat comfortably with fully encrypted business IM messaging
  • Enjoy call recording on your mobile too
  • Use Smartbox for sync and file sharing on the go
  • Install Kumo UCC across all your devices
  • Enjoy top tier 2-phase authentication security
  • Call routing and parking features are fully functional on a mobile

The average person today owns and regularly uses multiple personal devices. At Kumo we believe that business should be no different. Your business communications should be as flexible and mobile as you are. With Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM), you can utilize and manage all your devices from one dashboard with no manual maintenance for the user as all deletions or adjustments are done seamless across all cloud devices in real-time. But what happens if my phone is lost or stolen? No problem, MADM can remotely log out or even remove devices from your manager remotely.

Kumo Smartbox UCC gives users collaboration on the move. Kumo UCC makes the mobile application so much more than a phone. With UCC users can share content, chat with co-workers, participate in conference calls, check their voicemail, make a quick call and so much more within a single mobile app.

  • Accessibility – when the unexpected strikes, yourself and your employees have the capabilities to be connected anywhere
  • Accountability – never miss an important call when your office phone comes with you
  • Productivity – what would normally be dead time in transit or lapses in between activities can now be productive
  • Lower Turnover – satisfied employees stay with the company longer and experience better work-life balance
  • Functionality – mobility is more than just a phone, Smartbox UCC allows for chatting and sharing files on the go as well
  • Cost Reduction – less commute and meal costs to the employee as well as less equipment and physical space investment for the business
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