Kumo Technology Was Built for Integrations

The Konnect platform allows you to seamlessly use the leading apps in the market out of the box. With the Konnect platform, you can also infuse communications into your custom business-critical apps. This allows your workforce to be more productive, your customers to be more satisfied, and at the same time provides you valuable insight into your business. Integrations break down the barriers that can impede communications productivity between both customers and your team.


The Role of Third Party Integrations

In a world of a varied third party platforms and applications, it’s become increasingly important for unified communications systems to be apprised to beneficial integrations such as office applications and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Kumo Cloud UC is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive cloud solutions to users as possible. A large component of providing this comprehensive solution has made focusing on integrations a top priority, starting with the most universally used platforms like SalesForce and Microsoft
Office suite.


The SalesForce integration allows for users to make and receive calls within their CRMs. This provides more accurate record keeping and more effective relationship management of existing clients or potential customers. Users can even have call details transmitted directly into their CRM.


Make a call straight out of your Office 365 or Outlook contacts screen. Reviewing an email and want to call the sender? No problem, click on the phone number in their signature block and the call is placed using Cloud UC's PBX functionality.


Cloud UC provides a Skype of Business (S4B) plugin executable that allows users to integrate the Skype for Business application with the Kumo back-end service providing ultra-reliable enhanced services to S4B users. The S4B plugin is the only plugin that supports multiple active calls which means you can manage an office or handle multiple callers at once. Place callers on hold, perform blind or supervised transfers and even conference all callers together. In addition, outbound calls can be made from any registered device including the softphone, any registered IP hard phone or even a generic DID number (such as a cell phone). Inbound calls can also be taken on any registered device.

The S4B plugin provides the following functionality:

  • Make outbound calls from within the Skype window using Kumo's telecom service
  • Receive inbound calls to any device including softphone, IP phone or any DID number
  • On the Phone" presence passed to Skype window
  • Recent calls history window
  • Make outbound calls from any device including softphone, IP phone or even a cell phone with settable default device option
  • Supports multiple active calls at once and perform blind or supervised transfers, hold or mute functions
  • Conference call function capabilities with all active/on hold callers

Cloud UC's integration doesn't stop with Office 365 and Salesforce CRM integration. In fact, Cloud UC can bring unified communications to any webpage and any web-based service. With Cloud UC, any telephone number on any webpage is instantly converted to a clickable telephone link that can place a call using Cloud UC's PBX functionality. This click-to-call feature is also available to use on documents uploaded into cloud storage, Kumo’s Smartbox, Dropbox or Box, and previewed web documents.

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