Mobility Defines the Modern Workplace

With telecommuting and remote work on the rise, Kumo’s cloud phone system supports productivity and keeps teams connected. With a complete Smartbox unified command center (UCC), users can access files, send and receive instant messages, check report status and more. Teams can literally carry the office with them. Kumo UCC is available on both Android and iOS devices.


Mobile Connect

  • Make seamless call transfers from your desk phone to mobile
  • Chat using fully encrypted business IM messaging
  • Record calls on your mobile phone
  • Use Smartbox for sync and file sharing on the go
  • Install Kumo UCC across all your devices
  • Apply top tier 2-phase authentication security
  • Enjoy fully functional call routing and parking features on a mobile device

Multi-Device Management

Your business communications should be as flexible and mobile as you are. With Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM), you can manage all your devices from one dashboard with no manual maintenance, since all deletions and adjustments take place seamlessly across all cloud devices in real-time. Has your phone been lost or stolen? No problem. MADM can remotely log out or even remove devices from your manager.


Mobile File Sharing

Kumo Smartbox UCC allows collaboration on the move. With Kumo, UCC users can share content, chat with co-workers, join conference calls, check voicemail, make a quick call and so much more within a single mobile app.

Features and Benefits



Never miss a call when your office phone travels with you



Turn fruitless transit time into productivity and task completion


Lower Turnover

Retain talented employees by providing work-life balance



Mobility means more than just a phone. Smartbox UCC allows for chatting and sharing files on the go as well


Cost Reduction

Cut employee commuting costs and reduce company investments in physical space


Exceptional Communications
Come Standard

By moving your voice needs into the cloud, you’ll gain scalability and accessibility across your entire organization.

Why Switch to Kumo?

  • Become accessible from anywhere – Stop anchoring your company with offices, rate plans, and long distance call charges. Don’t pay for services you aren’t using! PBX solutions provide a flat rate charge and set you free.
  • Trust a Single Source Solution – Drop your old, multi-vendor solutions and take your services to the cloud! You’ll save time and money and you’ll be ready to adapt as technology advances. Kumo VOIP's infrastructure can scale capabilities to your growth and shifting needs.
  • Make an easy transition – Kumo VOIP can interface with your team’s existing applications, business processes and software. You can even keep your old office phones and exchange information with your current systems.

Going into the cloud is easy, so don't wait another day! Take your business communication to new levels of ease and service with a VOIP system from Kumo!