Office 365

Apps for the Office

The Office 365 package includes all the applications you know and love: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access (PC) and Publisher (PC). Microsoft office applications are so deeply entrenched in the way businesses operate today, it would be nearly impossible to imagine accomplishing your daily tasks without utilizing at least one of these Microsoft tools.


Mobility Now

  • Office 365 is cloud-based, ready whenever and wherever
    you are
  • All your apps, available on any device
  • Create, share, and edit on the go
  • PC and Mac compatible for laptops and tablets, plus iOS, Android, and Windows phones
  • We can help with implementation and training
  • Security comes standard with Office

Built for Business

Office 365 is designed with business in mind. Some communications need a fast answer, and a quick IM on Skype will do. Other questions that aren’t time sensitive might be better asked over email. If a project requires an in-depth explanation plus the dissemination of new training material, then scheduling some time in Outlook with your team — where you can share files from online storage (1Tb per user) — and hosting a Skype video conference is your best bet. Whatever the need, Microsoft Office has you covered.

Microsoft also builds unique branding capabilities into its communications. Use Microsoft tools to customize business email addresses, emails, and marketing content. With the right combination of Office tools, businesses can set themselves apart.

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