Routers and Security

Kumo Cloud Solutions, Inc.’s cloud services can be configured with a variety of routing options and security settings that match businesses’ needs no matter their size or stage of deployment.

Kumo K200 Router backside showing USB and LAN ports
Kumo K200 Router frontside

K200 router

Our K200 is a plug-and-play routing technology that offers security and speed in a single device. When integrated with our WiFi switches and access points, this unified, cloud-based dashboard manages your entire network and devices no matter where you are.


  • Plug-and-play networking; zero-touch setup for ease of controls
  • Tri-color LED status indicator
  • for easy troubleshooting
  • Free proactive cloud management for full monitoring and control
  • One GigE WAN and SFP WAN port for flexible connectivity
  • Additional USB 3.0 port for future expansion
  • Hardware watchdog to quickly recoup from all types of crisis


Seamless Integration

Confidently manage and deploy your whole network, and work smoothly with your team.


Automatic features and upgrades are installed into your router for up-to-date protection.

Zero-touch deployment

Easy remote deployments of routers and worry-free IT expansions.

KumoWan firewall solution backside showing one WAN, one LAN, one OPT, two USB, and power port


KumoWan is a firewall solution that comes equipped with a centralized management system and real-time cybersecurity defenses. This cloud managed option will let you proactively examine, evaluate, and identify compliance or other issues, resulting to a 75% reduction in support calls compared to using other products.


  • Breach notifications
  • Malware site blocking
  • Zero day updates
  • World auto breach and block
  • HIPAA compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • Compliance audit logs
  • Compliance notifications


Real-time Compliance Reporting

Easily access your full network compliance report to determine gaps in your protocols.

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with automatic updates and round the clock defenses.

Always-Up Internet

Enjoy always-on connection with our 4G wireless backup and hardwired failover system.

Managed Network

Experience a powerful network hardware that protects your business at all costs. It requires zero-touch setup since the steps are already pre-programmed, guaranteeing everything will be up and running in just five minutes. It also comes with a dashboard that allows remote management, so global businesses are easily connected.


  • Comprehensive auditing of firewalls and networks for compliance
  • Cutting-edge content filtering, blocking, and auditing
  • Advanced diagnostics with the use of advanced tools
  • Notifications for ISP and other technology issues
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