Mobile Content Management

With the ubiquity of mobile devices these days, you need a cloud storage solution that has mobile content management built-in from the start. SmartBox is natively mobile compatible, allowing you to share and sync content exactly the way you want, right from the palm of your hand. Upload and download content with ease.

Kumo’s SmartBox gives you the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Seamlessly integrate all your mobile devices into your enterprise content management umbrella.


Simple. Powerful. Secure.

Share files simply and securely with SmartBox. Whether it's with a co-worker, a client, or a partner, sharing files is easier than ever. Share exactly what you want with exactly who you want using specific share privileges that you control. Upload from virtually any device. Synchronize file updates instantly and track when users open and download content. SmartBox eliminates frustrating FTP and VPN complexities with an easy-to-use interface optimized for desktops and mobile devices.

Kumo’s Smartbox gives you:

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Enterprise-level security
  • File syncing
  • Simplified file sharing
  • Multiple sharing privileges
  • Unlimited file versioning
  • Advanced administration and business analytics
  • Mobile access
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower operating costs

Clear Communication

Too often, business communications descend into spirals of phone tag and overlooked emails. With SmartBox's integrated Unified Communications features, communications are tied right into file sharing, so no one ever misses a message. Never waste time trying to connect again. SmartBox displays every share user's contact information, and once you share your content to a group of share users, it presents a real-time presence for each user. You’ll know immediately when people are available, then you can use Kumo's Connect Me feature to instantly call, IM, video conference, email, or deskshare with them or the group.


Easy Migration

Migrating to SmartBox is easy with Kumo’s replicator service, a fast and convenient way to migrate from other third party storage providers. All content from third party apps, including storage and directory structures, can be quickly replicated directly within SmartBox in one click.

Multi-Layered Security

Easy access should never mean sacrificing security. We take a multi-layered approach to keeping all of your files and communications safe.



Multi-factor Authentication creates a virtual PIN, offering a security blanket for all your data. Even users that illegally acquire sign-in information are blocked from gaining access.



With Mobile Active Device Manager, you can remotely log off or block any SmartBox client, allowing you to control access wherever
you are.



Encryption is inarguably one of the most important methods of securing data across networks. SmartBox encrypts every file shared and message sent from end-to-end, in transit and at rest.

SmartBox provides enterprise-class administration, which means each administrator can have multiple privileges. Any SmartBox user can be defined as an administrator, allowing you to create whatever administrative hierarchy you want. Plus, all Kumo users get Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities when used with an approved identity provider, allowing you to access all Kumo services and portals without having to remember every URL, username, and password.

SmartBox administrators can:

  • View and access all user content
  • Set per-user storage limits
  • Enable and disable local per-user synchronization
  • Reassign content ownership
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