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Cloud Computing for Business

Cloud computing offers businesses of all sizes huge advantages in almost every aspect of their business. From quick and efficient communication that enables your staff to work from anywhere to backing up your most critical data on the cloud—securely, cloud computing offers many solutions that will work for your business. Kumo Cloud Solutions can show you which solutions you need and how they can make your business more competitive and even leaders in your industry.

Kumo cloud computing service is designed to help businesses of all sizes make the most of cloud technology. Our experts will work with you to assess your needs, develop a strategy, and implement the right cloud computing solutions for your business.

Kumo Cloud Computing Services

Remote work, secure access to your information, and back-up and recovery of your data and systems are three strong reasons to use cloud
computing services. We offer a wide range of services that will help you use the cloud to the best advantage of your specific business.
Some of the services that might lend you advantages include:

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Useful mobile app

Kumo Mobile App works through the cloud to allow you to collaborate with your coworkers, including sharing files, hosting conference calls, checking your voicemails and much more.

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Video conferencing

You can use the cloud to connect with people beyond your organization, including clients, prospects, partners, suppliers and much more.

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End point security

Which machines that have access to your system might be compromised? How do you find and resolve potential threats? We can help with our cloud computing services.

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Business VPN

What your business does online should be private, to protect both the business and your clients from cyber criminals. A VPN can help.

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Cloud backup

Major data losses can be disastrous for companies. When you have a secure cloud backup your data is significantly safer.

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Microsoft productivity apps

Use the Office 365 products like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Notes and Publisher through the cloud to always have access to them.


Why You Need Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an essential solution to many of the IT problems that you’re facing.
Here’s how cloud computing from Kumo Cloud Solutions can help:

Lower your costs

You don’t need to invest in hardware or bring on staff to maintain your infrastructure. Kumo can handle setting up your system, launching it, training staff and maintaining it moving forward.

Enable remote work

Getting the best staff and getting the best performance from them may mean you need to enable remote work. The cloud can make that possible and secure.


Other IT solutions are limited in how much they can grow with you. Cloud solutions are inherently more flexible.

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How might Cloud Computing look when implemented for your business?

With Kumo cloud-based solutions, businesses can take advantage of real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions, improve operations and drive growth. Additionally, cloud backup gives you the ability to restore and secure your data.

Cloud computing has changed businesses just like yours to make them more efficient, lean and competitive in their respective industries.

You can get a sense of how these cloud solutions can be put to work for you, or our cloud computing professionals can walk you through it.

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