Supporting The Community

Kumo understands that even the best foundations with worthy causes are in need of unwavering support. We’re committed to helping them worry a little less about funding so that they can continue focusing on having a profound impact on communities and special individuals. We pledge that as Kumo grows, our financial contributions to help fund philanthropic missions will grow with us. While we’re especially strong advocates for charities that help children with disabilities and illnesses, we’re also extremely proud to support organizations that work in other sectors as well. Please feel free to check out the list of charities that we love below.

On April 4th, 2022, Kumo served as the Presenting Sponsor for Unlimited Possibilities’ Life Without Limits Charity Golf Tournament. In 2021, Unlimited Possibilities (UP) served over 4,300 children by providing more than 19,000 pediatric therapy sessions, and spent over 150,000 hours in family homes caring for children with special needs. To give you a better idea of what that means for these little ones, please take a moment to get to know Mei, one of UP’s beneficiaries.

The Life Without Limits Charity Golf Tournament raised funds in support of UP’s recent move into a larger facility, the purchase state-of-the-art equipment, and the development of new innovative programs. Over $90,000 was raised during the event, helping the organization to serve even more children and families just like Mei’s. Learn more at!


The Organizations We Support

The Shayda Strong Foundation helps children and families who are battling cancer by providing them with uplifting care packages, emotional support, and advice. The organization was inspired by the strength and resilience of Shayda Jacqueline who underwent chemotherapy and maintained an admirable attitude throughout her fight with Stage IV cancer.


“Unlimited Possibilities (UP), formerly known as UCP of Orange County, has been a trusted source of hope and joy for children and families with disabilities for over 70 years. They are champions and advocates for those we serve, conquering stereotypes, social stigma, and barriers. Last fiscal year, UP provided life-changing services to over 4,218 children and families through 19,269 pediatric therapy sessions and 31,284 in-home visits. Through their six comprehensive programs, our caregivers, specialists, and therapists empower and challenge every person in our care to look beyond limitations and grow toward a life of independence, joy, and fulfillment, no matter the circumstance or diagnosis. At UP, they push what’s “possible” and consider it our calling. To learn more or get involved, visit”


Make-A-Wish has been granting life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses and their families for over 40 years. Making their wish come true can change the odds for children fighting their illness. A wish made true, helps children feel stronger, more energetic, and more willing and able to battle their critical illnesses. Health professionals say the wish experience works in concert with medicine to make their patients feel better emotionally and physically.


The Straight Talk Foundation is an organization based in Uganda that was started to help educate adolescents and young adults about adolescent sexuality, reproductive health, and preventing HIV. However, their they’ve recognized that the HIV epidemic is intertwined with other sectors- livelihoods, education, and the environment. In order to stoke behavioral and social change and help shape a better future , they use print and radio media to keep Ugandans up-to-date with social issues. They also maintain a physical presence in communities through their Youth Centers located all throughout the country.


The Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescues marine mammals, like seals and sea lions, suffering from infections, malnourishment, pneumonia, gill net strangulation, etc. They also foster a strong sense of ocean stewardship by educating over 50,000 people annually . Every year they also have over 7,000 children participate in their experiential-based education programs that highlight the importance of marine science and eco-friendly behavior .


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