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Customize the digital ecosystem that your company needs to unlock its full potential.

We’ve noticed that businesses have had trouble fully utilizing and incorporating their I.T. and communication systems.

With a Kumo Secured and Integrated Environment, you can choose the systems and capabilities that you want. We’ll help your company acquire, maintain, and utilize all of the tools you’ll need to create a seamless digital workspace.

Kumo Secured and Integrated Environment includes IT systems, cloud computing, and VoIP services

Our experts will also train your employees so that they can master the technology available to them to maximize productivity.

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your tech?

We make I.T. easy.

Build your own Secure and Integrated Environment.

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Comprehensive Cyber Security

With the advance of technology, the need to secure your network has evolved beyond anti-virus software. To be prepared for cyber threats, Kumo implements a layered Cyber Security Plan which includes- monitoring, prevention, threat database management, data back-up, and for worst case scenarios data recovery and restoration.

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Kumo Managed Environments

Once tech is installed, it needs to be constantly updated and managed to ensure that it runs as designed. We understand that companies may not be able to afford all of the manpower that maintaining a network of devices require. That’s why we offer our team of experts to take care of your network at a fraction of the cost of hiring more personnel.

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