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Communication As a

Revolutionizes business connectivity and collaboration, integrating various communication tools into a seamless platform accessible from any device.

Choosing the right UCaaS provider is crucial, considering factors such as reliability, scalability, integration capabilities, and support. UCaaS empowers organizations to adapt to remote work and mobile lifestyles while driving innovation and growth in the digital age.

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Kumo Unified Communication All in One Place Solution

At Kumo, we understand that behind every business, there are people striving to connect, collaborate, and succeed. That's why we're dedicated to providing the best unified communication services tailored to meet your needs.

Our unified communication solutions incorporate a variety of communication channels, including voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools. With our UCaaS services, clients can communicate and collaborate from anywhere, on any device, and at any time. Our team of UCaaS experts in Orange County provides cutting-edge security features, ensuring the utmost protection and security for all communications.

Kumo's Unified Communication solution gives businesses the tools they need to thrive in our interconnected world. We prioritize easy communication, teamwork, and security, so our clients can break down barriers and find new opportunities for success



Nowadays, the need to keep clear communications with our coworkers and our customers are more important than ever. Use our unified communications platform, Kumo Konnect to do everything you need in order to collaborate with your team. Enjoy superior content management with built-in capabilities eliminating the need to purchase more features.

Watch our Konnect High-Level Overview to learn the basics of Kumo’s unified communications platform


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Make Kumo Cloud Solutions your go-to for Unified Communication Services. We're your dedicated partner for all your IT needs, from unified communications to business VoIP services. With our expertise, security, and reliability, we're here to help you achieve your business goals and grow, free from IT constraints. Get in touch with us today for Unified Communication Services in California.



Call Center – Make Your Calls Effective

Make and receive calls directly in Microsoft Teams with advanced features like group calling, cloud voicemail, and call transfers.

Answer inbound calls and easily route them to the right queues with a cloud-based phone system. Set parameters to route calls by time zone, language, or availability.Office 365 – Apps for the Office

Create custom greetings, play music for customers waiting on hold, and set up shared voicemail.

Access voicemail messages and transcriptions anywhere from any device.

Quickly procure and assign phone numbers or port existing phone numbers. Available in 18 countries.

Connect to your favorite contact center software.



Chat – Instant Messaging

Share your opinion and have fun with your team. Send GIFs, stickers, and emojis in a group chat or in one-to-one messages.

Instant message one-to-one or with a group, hop on a video call, or share your screen for fast-paced decision making. Customize your messages with rich text editing, tag people to call their attention, and use your favorite apps in chats.

Move noisy replies and acknowledgments out of email threads and into quick chats where they belong. Easily share pictures and documents with a specific person or your entire team with the Teams instant messaging program.

Organize your conversations, files, and apps in one place to keep your team in sync whether they are inside or outside your organization. Right-size collaboration by limiting which team members can see conversations and content around a particular topic.

Stay connected and collaborate with your others wherever you are. Record voice messages while one the go, reply to specific chats from your mobile device, and customize notifications so you can be present during personal time.

Streamline collaboration and ensure everyone has the latest information sharing files in Microsoft Teams. Easily upload documents, set permissions, and work together simultaneously using the Office apps.



MEET –Video Conferencing to meet virtually

Instantly go from group chat to video conference with the touch of a button. Teams of two or 10,000 can meet in one place from anywhere.

Make meetings more personal and encourage teamwork when you virtually meet face-to-face. Meet in any situation, whether you’re calling one-on-one, delivering a sales pitch, hosting a team training, or running a company-wide town hall.

Hold secure, interactive meetings and webinars for 1,000 attendees and broadcasts for up to 10,000

Let people join meetings on the go with a global dial-in number or contact each other directly. All they need is a mobile device and Microsoft Teams.

Access voicemail messages and transcriptions anywhere from any device.



Collaboration – Collaborate on Your Terms

Collaboration is easy with Kumo. We support audio, video, and messenger services that help you communicate with your customers and your team.

Collaboration is easy with Kumo. We support audio, video, and messenger services that help you communicate with your customers and your team. When all your communications are unified into a single, browser-based interface, it’s easy to send files, host web and video conferences, and remotely access desktops.

Within seconds, with a single click, you can share your desktop while on a call with a remote colleague, or during a weekly conference call with the whole staff. Work collaboratively with documents, presentations, and even live demos.

Connect face-to-face from around the world over HD video, the closest thing to being there

The backbone of office conference calls, speak freely with crisp, clear, and fully secure digital connections

Group chat & IM capabilities built right into the UCC interface can operate statically or dynamically



Smartbox - Enterprise File Sync and Share

Kumo’s SmartBox is one of the most comprehensive business-class cloud file sync and share solutions available today.

SmartBox increases productivity, centralizes and secures content management, lowers IT operating expenses and greatly simplifies multiple cloud service management and administration.

Share files simply and securely with SmartBox. Whether it's with a co-worker, client or partner, sharing files has never been easier. Share exactly what you want to exactly who you want to with specific share privileges you control. Upload and share from virtually any device.

Sharing content is usually just the first step in conducting business. Communicating and collaborating with people you've shared the information with completes the cycle. Unfortunately, for most businesses, communicating and collaborating become endless loops of "phone tag" and "email replies".

Kumo SmartBox replicator service provides a fast and convenient way to migrate from other 3rd party storage providers to SmartBox. With a single click of a mouse, the complete contents of your 3rd party storage provider can be replicated within SmartBox, including your complete directory structure and files.

With the proliferation of mobile devices in the business world, you need a cloud storage solution that has mobile content management built-in from the start. SmartBox has built-in mobile content management with mobile apps that allow you to share and synchronize content exactly the way you want to from your mobile devices. Upload and download content with ease.

SmartBox provides easy access to and sharing of your content without sacrificing security or data protection. In fact, Kumo provides Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all enterprise clients, essentially creating a "virtual VPN" security blanket around all your content.



Protocols You Can Rely On.

Features such as in-transit and at-rest encryption of your content and communications, HIPAA compliance, and multi-factor authentication are just a few of the enterprise communications security features Kumo delivers.

Multi-factor Authentication

All access to the Kumo platform requires multi-factor authentication, including IP phones, desktops, and mobile devices. In addition, Kumo provides extensive administrative tools to easily manage user access across the account. Login activity for users and admin portals are recorded for in-depth monitoring.

Device Safeguards

Kumo IP Phones utilize TLS, HTTPS certificate management, call server redundancy, and SRTP for voice. Additionally, Kumo’s built-in mobile security features allow easy lockout of stolen devices and admin tools support immediate reassignment of user content.

Maximum Encryption

Kumo Konnect’s built-in enhanced security features lead the industry. Do you require MPLS to data centers? You’ll get cloud security with HIPAA/HITECH compliance features, and Kumo’s SD-WAN and SmartBand MPLS offers full IP private network security and redundancy for data in transport and at rest.

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Cloud VoIP Services

With our VoIP solutions in Orange County, you can rest assured that your business needs will be met and far exceeded.


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Business VoIP Services

Our Business VoIP solutions in Orange County will help you to get the benefits what every business needs today.


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