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Video conferencing room solutions from Kumo offer you everything you need to collaborate when only some of your team members are in the office. Nothing undermines the productivity of a meeting like tech issues, interruptions, or when one person can’t see or hear another. Remote work has made this experience too common. Make meetings simple again with our solutions. We offer simple set-up and training on the use of our conference room solutions, plus the highest quality video and audio equipment available. Avoid miscommunications and give your team the conference environment they need to do their best work. Let Kumo handle the details and get back to running your meetings with confidence.

Our Services

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One Stop Zoom Solution

Collaborating over Zoom was a novelty at first. But now the honeymoon period has worn off, and the way that your teams collaborate over Zoom has become more complex. What do you do when half of the team is in the office and half is connecting through Zoom? From focus and small huddle rooms to large conference rooms with multiple teams, audio and visual issues are bound to happen. Unless you use Kumo’s Zoom conference room solutions. Our zoom room solutions can give you back the confidence you need to schedule complicated meetings and watch them succeed. We offer everything that you need in a single stop.


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One Stop Microsoft Teams Solution

Our Microsoft teams rooms solutions can ensure you have a strong connection with proper audio and video for everyone involved. Make your small team gatherings simpler or enable the largest groups of people to connect through Microsoft teams with our high quality audio and video equipment. We provide everything that you need to run your meeting and we can train you to use it with confidence too.

Teams video conferencing has gotten complicated. Long gone are the days where only a handful of people, all of whom work remotely, are connecting. These days we have blended meetings where several people are in the office conference room and many more need to check in from their remote offices.


Find the Right Meeting Room Solution for You

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Small Meeting Rooms

Even in small teams, audio and video issues ruin meetings. Get proper support for your most productive conferences from Kumo.

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Medium Meeting Rooms

Make any meeting simple again with Kumo’s video conferencing room solutions. We can scale our equipment and support perfectly for medium-sized meetings.

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Large Meeting Rooms

Getting large groups together can be fraught with issues, and waste everyone’s time. Kumo provides the tech solutions and training you need to enable your biggest meetings.


What JoinKumo Conference Solutions Offer

It’s more than just audio and video equipment. Although—we do offer some of the best audio and video
equipment available for video conference room solutions in orange county. However, we do offer much more than that, including:

High quality resources icon

High quality resources
Training for your team icon

Training for your team
Conference room design icon

Conference room design
Top audio and video equipment icon

Top audio and video equipment
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Remote management

With Kumo’s support you can get a truly seamless experience starting from the design of your conference room
to training for your team through to every meeting that you host. With remote management and other smart
solutions, your conferences will be more convenient and more productive than ever.

Transform your workplace to get stuff done

JoinKumo provides your team with the ability to have a better meeting and actually get things done.

Powerful support icon

Powerful support

The team at Kumo are experts who understand how your video conference room solutions could best serve you based on your room size, your company culture and what your team needs to accomplish. We can give you all of the support you need.

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Seamless experience

Your Kumo team has everything about your conference system under control and at your fingertips. You can focus less on working on your connection and more on leading your meeting and your team forward. We provide a truly seamless experience.

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While we do provide our own unified communications solutions, we also work with the platform that your team is already most familiar with, including Zoom and Microsoft teams. This allows you to get started in the ecosystem that is most comfortable for you and prevents retraining your workforce on a new conference platform.

Trust Kumo to offer video conferencing solutions which make every meeting simpler and more collaborative.
Reach out to us today to discuss what you need.

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