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Cloud and Managed Security Services

Small businesses understand what it is to run lean and only invest in what you really need. Cybersecurity is one of those essential needs, but you should be getting custom solutions that cover all of your needs, at a low cost, to make the most of it.

Kumo Cloud Solutions offers the expertise and support that all small businesses need to protect themselves from potential threats. Understand how your small business is at risk and how we can help you below.

Our Cyber Security Solutions for Small Businesses

We offer true expertise in security and can submit regular reports to you about the security of your
networks, and the steps we’ve taken to protect you. We can offer you these kinds of solutions:

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Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation

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Active Adversary Mitigations

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Managed Threat Response

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Exploit Prevention

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Deep Learning Technology

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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

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Cyber Threats to our Small Business

Cyber security for SMB is becoming more important than ever. While small businesses used to be under the radar for
cyber-attacks, they are not anymore. Attackers are looking for smaller targets which might not have the cyber security that other
businesses have, making them easy targets to extract money from. Don’t let yourself fall victim to any of these risks:


Adware can make your computer or any device you access your business through can get malware which puts your whole business at risk.


Attackers gain access to your system and encrypt your own data. They hold it for ransom until you pay them. Plus, there’s nothing to stop it from happening again unless you change your security.


Stealing you or your client’s information through spyware is a common tactic of attackers. They may sell the information or harness it to do further damage.


Everyone is vulnerable to the manipulation of phishing attacks, which take advantage of our trusting nature or lack of knowledge to do damage to your business.

We can protect your small business from these threats.

It’s one thing to say we provide the right solutions for small businesses, its another to hear from those businesses themselves. Read our
testimonials and case studies to explore the real results we’ve gotten for our small business clients.

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You don’t have time to manage the cyber security of your business, but you still need to be able to monitor it and ensure its handled. Kumo Cloud Solutions offers just the right support for you.

Reach out to us to discuss your security needs and the support that we can provide.

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