Cloud Managed WiFi

High Connectivity

Connect to lightning fast internet from every corner of your office with our cutting-edge access points

Reliable Network

Get always on internet and regular network maintenance

Time & Cost-Efficient

Easily add, remove, and manage your access points from one centralized dashboard


Extensive Office Network Coverage

  • Allows installation of more than one access point
  • Supports indoor and outdoor mounting
  • Comes with Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for fast and reliable internet

Stay Online 24/7

  • Networks are protected with built-in firewalls and hosted on geo-redundant servers
  • The nearest access point will automatically take over to support previously connected devices when an access point is down
  • Devices are maintained and upgraded automatically over the cloud

Easy Network Management

  • Connect, manage, and upgrade your WiFi access points from a centralized dashboard
  • Manage your access points and network from a web browser or mobile app
  • Receive an alert as soon as an access point fails

Simple Deployment of Access Points

  • Scan the QR code on the back of the access point using your mobile device and plug it in for successful installation and deployment
  • Create up to four separate public and private networks with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Access points can be installed and deployed within three minutes
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