IT & VOIP Solution
For Retail/Restaurant Industry

Maximize the potential of your retail or restaurant business with our all-encompassing IT solutions, including specialized VOIP for restaurants. Enhance customer experience, streamline operations, and amplify productivity with our state-of-the-art technology. Experience the seamless communication and optimized processes that our VOIP solutions offer.


We Fix Your Problem


Outdated Systems

Legacy software and hardware can hinder efficiency, leading to slow processes and increased errors.


Data Security

Protecting sensitive customer information and preventing data breaches is a critical concern for businesses.


Lack of Real-Time Insights

Limited access to accurate sales data and analytics hampers decision-making and inhibits business growth.


Point-of-Sale (POS) Issues

Inefficient POS systems can lead to long queues, transaction errors, and dissatisfied customers.


Our IT Services
Help Your Industry

Discover how our unparalleled IT support can propel your retail restaurant industry to new heights. Kumo is well-versed in the specific difficulties encountered by the restaurant retail industry, and our individualised solutions are developed with this knowledge in the forefront. Our cutting-edge know-how and tools allow us to improve your business’ operations and the quality of your customers’ interactions.

You can maximise efficiency, avoid stockouts with the help of our inventory management solutions, which provide real-time visibility into stock levels. Improve customer happiness and loyalty with streamlined POS systems that provide a better shopping experience, faster checkouts, and safer financial transactions.

Our cloud-based services provide a scalable and adaptable IT infrastructure, and our comprehensive security solutions safeguard your customers’ sensitive information and prevent data breaches.


Our VOIP Solutions
For Retail/Restaurants

Introducing our cutting-edge VOIP solution tailored for the retail and restaurant industry, revolutionizing internal team communication. With seamless connectivity and advanced features, our system takes your collaboration to the next level. Experience crystal-clear voice quality, reliable performance, and enhanced productivity like never before. Discover the power of streamlined internal communication that keeps your team in sync, effortlessly managing tasks, and delivering exceptional service. Our innovative VOIP solution ensures efficient coordination, effective information sharing, and effortless collaboration among team members. Unleash the potential of your team with our game changing VOIP solution for retail.

The Perfect Tailored VOIP Solution For Restaurant

Snom - M500 PRO SERIES

The M500 Pro Series is your one-stop shop for restaurants. Experience true team transparency with easy call handling. Intuitive to use, the illuminated keys provide visibility for efficient call management and provisioning to expand to multiple base stations has never been easier.

  • Multi-cell Base Station
  • Phone pairing
  • Pick up a call on any phone
  • Background noise reduction
  • Public Broadcasting System
  • Key Line Emulation
  • Long Range

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Enjoy crystal-clear audio, dependable connectivity, and budget-friendly plans customized to fit the unique requirements of your restaurant or retail business. Count on us to elevate your communication system and streamline your operations.

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Kumo Solutions For Retail/Restaurants


Unified Communication

Transform the way you communicate in the restaurant retail industry with our cutting-edge unified communication solution. Experience the power of seamless integration with Kumo! Our cutting-edge voice, messaging, and collaboration tools empower your teams to connect effortlessly, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional customer service. Don’t settle for less - choose Kumo today!


Team Messaging

Our team messaging solution is tailored specifically for the restaurant industry. Streamline communication between staff members, enabling real-time updates on orders, table availability, and guest requests. Enhance coordination, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with our user-friendly platform. Simplify internal communication and keep everyone connected, ensuring smooth operation and exceptional dining experiences for your patrons.


Video Conferencing Solution

Kumo's state-of-the-art video conferencing technology is designed specifically for the restaurant retail sector, allowing for effortless cooperation and constant connectivity. Discover the pinnacle of virtual conversational excellence! The audio and video quality of your online meetings, remote employee training, and communications with vendors and business partners will all be assured by the latest technology.


Virtual Call Center

Introducing our virtual call center solution designed exclusively for restaurants. Enhance customer service and order management with a dedicated team of remote agents. From taking reservations to handling delivery inquiries, our platform ensures prompt and professional support. Streamline operations, reduce costs, and provide exceptional service from anywhere. Elevate your restaurant's customer experience with our reliable virtual call center solution.


Cloud Contact Center

Discover the power of our cloud contact center solution for your business. Revolutionize your customer service operations with advanced features like intelligent routing, omnichannel support, and real-time analytics. Increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of a cloud-based platform, empowering your team to deliver exceptional customer experiences across multiple channels. Unlock the full potential of your contact center with our cutting-edge cloud solution.


File Sync & Share

Optimize collaboration and streamline document management with our file sync & share solution for businesses. Effortlessly sync files across devices, enabling real-time access and collaboration from anywhere. Securely share files with team members and external partners, maintaining control over permissions and version history. Increase productivity, enhance data security, and simplify file management with our reliable and user-friendly solution tailored for your business needs.


Business Analytics

Unlock valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with our business analytics solution for restaurants. Gain a comprehensive view of your operations, from sales and inventory management to customer trends and employee performance. Identify opportunities for growth, optimize efficiency, and enhance profitability. Our user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards empower you to harness the power of data to drive success in your restaurant business.


Cloud Solution

Get ahead in the restaurant retail industry with Kumo's cloud computing solutions. Effortlessly manage your business from anywhere, at any time, with secure data storage and streamlined collaboration. Take your business to the next level with Kumo's cloud computing solutions.


Managed IT Solutions

Elevate your restaurant’s retail business with our cutting-edge managed IT solutions. Kumo offers a comprehensive range of services, including network management, data backup, and cybersecurity, tailored specifically for the unique needs of the industry. Streamline operations, enhance security, and unlock growth opportunities with Kumo's expertise.

FAQ’s For Retail Restaurant Industry

By outsourcing your IT needs to a managed service provider like Kumo, you can focus on your core business while we handle the technology. Our tailored solutions optimize operations, enhance security, and reduce downtime, all while providing 24/7 support. Trust us to help your restaurant industry business thrive.

With a managed IT solution from Kumo, your restaurant industry business can enjoy secure and automated data backup. Our robust backup and recovery solutions protect your critical data against loss or corruption, while our expert support team ensures prompt resolution of any issues. Trust us to keep your business running smoothly.

At Kumo, we understand the urgency of implementing a managed IT solution in your restaurant industry business. With our efficient and streamlined processes, we can have your business up and running with our tailored solutions in no time, minimizing disruption and maximizing your productivity.

Absolutely! To help your company make the most of its new IT infrastructure, Kumo offers in-depth training. To ensure that your staff reaps the maximum benefits of our custom solutions, we provide in-depth training delivered by industry experts.

Getting started with a managed IT solution for your business is easy! Simply reach out to Kumo and our dedicated team will guide you through the process. We'll assess your needs, tailor the perfect solution, and ensure a seamless transition to optimized technology that drives your business forward.

Choose Joinkumo as your managed IT solution provider and experience the power of tailored technology solutions designed specifically for your business. With our expertise, innovation, and commitment to exceptional customer service, we empower your business to thrive in the digital age. Trust us to be your strategic IT partner.

A VOIP solution enhances communication within a restaurant by providing seamless connectivity and advanced features. It enables real-time communication among staff members, allowing them to coordinate orders, relay information, and address customer needs efficiently. With crystal-clear voice quality and instant messaging capabilities, a VOIP solution streamlines internal communication, improving overall efficiency and customer service.

Yes, a VOIP solution can integrate with existing phone systems in your restaurant. It offers compatibility with various phone systems, allowing for seamless integration and migration. This means that you can leverage the benefits of VOIP technology without needing to completely replace your current phone infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruption.

Absolutely, a VOIP solution can be customized to meet the specific needs of your restaurant. From call routing options and auto-attendants to custom greetings and on-hold messages, you can tailor the system to align with your unique requirements. This flexibility ensures that the VOIP solution is optimized to enhance your restaurant's communication and operational workflows.

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