Office 365

Office Applications

The Office 365 package includes all the applications you know and love: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access (PC) and Publisher (PC). Microsoft office applications are so deeply entrenched in the way business operates today, it would be nearly impossible to even imagine getting through an average work day without utilizing at least one of these handy Microsoft tools.


Mobility Is The Now

Office 365 is cloud-based meaning it can be ready when and where you are on whatever device you choose. Whether you are stationed in front of your desk or reading emails on the train while sipping your morning Starbucks - Office 365 works whenever and wherever you do. Office 365 gives users the power to share, edit and create files on the go across all your devices. It is compatible with all PC or Mac laptops and tablets as well as iOS, Android or Windows smartphones.

Built For Business

Office 365 is designed with business in mind. Your communications can be as uniquely branded as your business. You can use Microsoft tools to customize business email addresses, emails and marketing content. Using the right combination of Office tools provides users a more collaborative and productive team experience by maximize resources and combating business constraints. To provide an example, some types of communication need a fast answer and in this case a quick IM on Skype is the obvious choice. While other questions aren’t time sensitive at all and shooting an email over will do just fine. Or perhaps a project requires in-depth explainer with dissemination of new training material. In this instance, scheduling a time in Outlook with your team, sharing files from your online storage (1Tb per user) and hosting a Skype video conference would suit your needs perfectly.


Seamless Implementation and Management

You’ll be up in running in no time! We are here to assist with implementation and training every step of the way. Never bother yourself with any IT related hiccups or regular updates. Your Office applications will always be running and will automatically update software and file versions across all your devices.

Secure and Reliable

With Office 365, security comes standard. We do our very best to make sure proprietary information stays exactly where it should be, safely within your control. Office provides physical, logical and data security, in addition to providing administrative controls that gives the business more discretionary power in matters of user-based security. Now that security concerns are addressed, let’s turn the attention to reliability. Through careful investment of the best infrastructure Office touts a 99.9% uptime.

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