Rich Cyber Criminals Buying Smarter Weapons blog post
As the world becomes more reliant on digital technology, data gathered and stored on servers becomes more valuable. Because of this, like anything that holds value, data centers become juicier targets of malicious intent. For example, there’s a rise in cybercriminals using malware that allows them to keep data hostage for ransom, essentially paralyzing the business until the crooks are paid off. Ransomware attacks have become so profitable that gangs are now rich enough to buy more sophisticated attack methods.

Zero-day flaws, also known as zero-day vulnerabilities, are types of threats that are either undiscovered or don’t have security updates to protect systems from them. Zero-day flaws were typically developed and sold to state-sponsored hackers due to their rarity and high prices ranging in the millions of dollars. Now, ransomware gangs have become so successful they can also afford to buy them.

To make matters worse, zero-day developers have also begun renting out unpatched security vulnerabilities while waiting for a buyer. We must prepare for a trend where instead of finding a buyer who can afford an expensive purchase, they may find it more profitable to let groups resell or sublease zero-day flaws to increase profitability. Unfortunately, with sophisticated attacks being more accessible to underequipped groups, word will spread, and this trend is bound to continue. Eventually, it will no longer be an issue of if a company experiences a cyberattack, but when and how complex will it be?

Now, what can businesses do to combat this? Every company should be prepared for worst-case scenarios wherein their network is compromised or there’s a breach. Businesses need their network of devices to be vigilantly monitored and protected by proactive threat-hunting teams.

While known zero-day flaws have no official patches to protect against them directly, an up-to-date cybersecurity team can be watchful for indicators that a system is in immediate jeopardy.

A system breach doesn’t mean everything is lost. Cybersecurity experts agree that early detection is crucial in preventing a cyberattack from infiltrating deep in the system and devasting the entire network.

While businesses may not be able to pay for full-time, in-house protection, Kumo offers our cybersecurity team to backup, manage, and protect data at an affordable cost. Considering that cybercriminals also typically use social engineering to gain access to systems, Kumo also offers training for employees. If you’re interested in protecting your business against digital threats, email us at

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