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We take pride in our diverse range of cyber security features and IT security solutions that we offer to our clients so they can protect their businesses from all possible cyber threats.


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Industry Leading Cyber Security Solution

We implement our Cyber Security Services using cutting edge technology and best practices in the industry to secure your business from various cyber threats such as adware, spyware, ransomware, and so on. We also provide cybersecurity training materials for employees so they can help protect your business as well.

Let our Cyber Security experts in santa ana & Orange County help you to keep your company’s data safe. We got you covered for: -

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Cybersecurity Service for IT Companies

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Our Cyber Security Services

Think about protecting your long-term investments by looking beyond traditional security solutions and
implementing the latest cybersecurity strategies. Our Cyber Security Services can help safeguard your
critical assets and data, as well as optimize your business.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Detect and address potential threats automatically and immediately focus your attention on what parts of your system may be affected by those threats.


Prevent ransomware and boot record attacks that can compromise your data with ransomware file protection, automatic file recovery, and behavioural analysis tailored to your system needs.


Detect malware threats, both known and unknown, with the power of artificial intelligence with having to rely on signatures.


Fill holes and gaps in your security by hindering exploits and techniques used by attackers to distribute malware, steal credentials, and escape without a trace.


Have an elite team of threat hunters and response experts on hand to help you act in neutralizing even the most sophisticated and malicious threats to your systems.


Persistence prevention, credential theft protection, and malicious traffic detection through active adversary mitigations on your machines to offer round-the-clock protection.

Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training

You and your employees are at the frontlines of cybersecurity for your business, which is why security awareness is crucial to identify and prevent threats from ever getting a chance to manifest in the first place. Through security awareness training and simulations of phishing attacks, your business personnel can immediately recognize and avoid security threats.


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This common form of malware fills your computer with advertisements and ad trackers. Adware can also make your computer more vulnerable to other viruses and malware.


Ransomware is one of the most dreaded forms of cyberattacks. It works by hijacking a computer and encrypting the data to hold it hostage until the hackers receive ransom.


This threat is designed to spy on infected computers to stealthily relay entered information to the cybercriminal. It also allows them to investigate how to further compromise the system.


A form of social engineering that’s meant to have victims unwittingly give up their account credentials and/or personal information to compromise security later on.

Our Cyber Security Service Offerings

It’s time to think beyond traditional security solutions and adopt a prevention strategy to safeguard
critical assets/data, optimize your business models and drive predictable business outcomes for
you and your customers. Check our offerings.

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Reason for an ongoing integrated program

Cybersecurity threats are ever-present, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. While you may have a strong
and up-to-date security system, it’s no good if you and your personnel are not trained on use and maintenance.

Reason for an ongoing

Icon detection


Employees may tend to use the same password for multiple online accounts, including services like CRM, e-commerce, and social media. It’s understandable that they would do what’s convenient, but awareness of this common problem will help them understand that they need to be conscientious about security well before a major breach ever happens. There should be no need for an emergency to make simple changes for the better.

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Malicious actors are always coming up with new ways to steal information, which is why it’s crucial that your employees are kept updated on the latest phishing traps and schemes. They can be sent scheduled phishing campaigns with customized messages for each team or department.

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Every now and then, spies or the occasional disgruntled worker can pose a threat and do damage. But often, most damages are from accidents and unintentional mishaps caused by uninformed employees with no malicious intent. Training is important to ensure that employees are informed and proficient. They can be assessed through quizzes after each lesson to determine if they’ve absorbed the information.

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Measuring and tracking metrics through regular security threat reports will show how the cybersecurity of your organization is performing. That includes how many compromises and breaches are detected, the results of employee training and phishing campaigns, and so on.

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