What are the Benefits of Unified Communications?

What are the Benefits of Unified Communications?

Unified communications is a strategy that has been quickly adopted by larger companies, and it has many benefits for small and medium-sized firms too. Unified communications means having one system that encompasses all of the different ways that people in your firm communicate with other people, sometimes only inside of your firm, but sometimes with your customers, vendors, and other business contacts as well.

A quality unified communication platform is better than a phone system, but also uses familiar features of phone communication, from voicemails to digital faxes. It should integrate with or entirely replace emails and encompass any other useful communications that your business needs to have access to. What are the benefits of combining all your communications into one platform? There are many.


Increase Productivity

When employees need to juggle between different communication systems, they lose a lot of time. Sometimes they can’t access information in the way that they want to, they find themselves needing to transfer information, or having other difficulties. Even switching from their email to test can be annoying and cost them valuable time. When you streamline communication, you make it easier for the staff to be productive, and you enhance their experience at work, which is bound to improve morale.


Enable Effective Collaboration

Is your co-worker online? Are they on a call? Who is coming to this meeting? Where did the team document go? A unified communications system can answer these questions for you and make collaborating simple. From hosting meetings to sharing documents with whole teams, a proper unified communications platform will give you and your team members the tools that are needed to work together seamlessly.


Reduce Costs

Why pay for email services, phone services, a video call software, a fax line, and more, when you can combine them all together? By choosing one unified communications platform, you can save a significant amount of money. When these services are bundled together, they are often more affordable.


Improve Security

It may sound counter-intuitive, but you also improve security by doing this. By having your staff use your unified communication platform, they rely less on their own phones or their personal emails. When all of your business communication is under your purview, you can keep it more secure. A strong unified communications platform will have the tools you need to maintain your business’ privacy and keep your customer’s information secure.


Get Answers Faster

When the staff has several channels for information, things get lost much easier. They may not even know where to look if they need a specific file or access to a specific document. Sometimes they cannot tell if they even have permissions to see the file or whether the document has been shared with them. A unified communications system with a dedicated file sharing system allows people to stay organized and have access to the information they need, quickly.


Use Kumo’s Unified Communication System

Kumo offers a smart unified communication system to help you get all of these benefits. Contact us about it today.

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