Call Center

All the Necessities of a Robust Contact Center

With Kumo Contact Center, you get unlimited minutes, queues, call recordings, cloud storage, analytics history, and user agents deployable anywhere in the world! Kumo Contact Center helps to organize your inbound and outbound calls to improve your customer services and enhance communications. And thanks to the cloud, there's no need for any expensive on-site equipment. Kumo boasts a multi-user admin portal, supervisory modes, skills-based routing, customer call-back, live monitoring, real-time presence, MFA, SSO, and integration with cloud PBX.


Kumo Contact Center Stand-Out Features:

  • Unlimited Call Center SMEs
  • ACD Call Reporting & Disposition
  • Pre‐Recorded Messages On Hold
  • Queue-to-Queue Transfers (10 call queues included)
  • Logic Based Routing
  • Multiple Queues
  • Call Recording
  • Call Prioritization Depending on Urgency
  • Supervisory Modes
  • Customer Call Back
  • Grab Important Caller
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Set Random/Static Call Recordings
  • Graphical Agent/Supervisory Interface

Business Analytics

Imagine instantly knowing when customers have been waiting for more than a minute and being able to instantly pull them out or add agents to reduce wait times. Or instantly knowing when a support technician has been on the phone for more than 20 minutes and whispering feedback into their ear to help them wrap up the call. With Cloud UC's real-time business analytics, you can do that.

With Kumo Contact Center, users can set up over 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Service Level Agreements (SLA). Monitor call center queues, call center agent efficiencies, or any user in your company. Measure queue lengths, call talk times, missed calls, idle time, handled calls, and more. Set measurement intervals, threshold values, operation types, and interval definitions. And, if a metric is exceeded, the offending queue or user is instantly flagged, alerting supervisors via IM, email, or SMS. Scheduled and ad hoc analytics reports can also be generated.


Supervisory Modes & Reporting

Kumo’s enterprise-wide ACD provides sophisticated, real-time, live monitoring, and reporting in any browser for both inbound and outbound calls. Monitoring interaction allows you to pull a caller out of queue and connect with them instantly. Kumo takes monitoring even further with these training supervisory modes:



Enterprise-level features such as unlimited queues, multiple intelligent routing algorithms, customer call-back, priority pull/push and agent transfer.



Silent listen, whisper and barge-in modes can be configured on any user. Multiple supervisory levels add powerful management capabilities.



Real-time monitoring of any agent with both ad hoc and scheduled reporting. Set up sophisticated SLA/KPI monitoring with real-time notifications.



Over 100 customizable SLA/KPI performance metrics can be configured to monitor and tune your enterprise in real-time to maximize productivity



Create complex IVR and auto attendant applications with time-of-day and day-of-week scheduling that can also interface to your CRM.



Powerful graphical reports show trends and anomalies instantly. Perform period over period comparisons as well as compare metrics between users.

Call Recording

Record inbound or outbound calls from a handset, softphone, or mobile phone with a simple keystroke. Transfer recorded calls seamlessly between devices mid-call. Store recorded calls in the agent's shared storage, with emails, voicemails, and digital faxes for later playback, search, and sort.

Record in static (all per-user calls in a scheduled work day), random (a pre-selected percentage of calls to), or on-the-fly (on-demand full or partial calls) mode. Supervisors can set modes individually by agent, and all recordings are stored in the cloud on reliable, redundant storage servers for anytime retrieval.

Advanced Queueing Features

We’re a single-source provider of cloud-based solutions that help mid-sized companies thrive in a competitive marketplace. We bring enterprise-level, budget-friendly capabilities that grow as your business grows. Take your phone and desktop systems, wireless network, servers, and data management platforms out of your office and into the cloud, so your teams can accomplish anything… from anywhere.


Push Customer

Let supervisors prioritize queues and critical customers, lowering customer frustration


Customer Callback

Let callers in queue hang up; when there placeholder reaches an agent, their phone will ring


PBX Integration

Kumo integrates with conferencing, real-time presence, collaboration, messaging & more


Multiple Routing Algorithms

Ring all, round robin, longest-time idle, random, next available, fewest calls, skills-based*

*Skills-based routing is a powerful method that allows you to associate agents with particular skills and route calls based on those skills.

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