Kumo Application Is Free To All Users

Everyone has a smartphone now days and the demand for mobile-friendly services is high. What's more, our mobile app helps your phone integrate seamlessly with your networks - it's like carrying your whole office around with you. And users can take advantage of: full support for nearly all phones and tablet devices. All your data is in the cloud, so it's easy to retrieve and always secure.


Mobile UCC Application (Smartphone/Tablet)

With Mobile SmartBox UCC, you can take your office with you and never miss any important communications. This mobile application offers, so much more than a softphone, Mobile SmartBox UCC provides a complete mobile unified communications command center! Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Mobile SmartBox UCC provides the following features:

  • Full softphone for ext-to-ext, PSTN or international dialing
  • Receive inbound calls via customizable routing plan
  • Call Parking, Conferencing and transfer features
  • Full featured encrypted business IM
  • Complete contact management including Outlook contact sync
  • Cloud-based call recording
  • Seamless Mobile Call integration
  • Highest level of security with 2-phase authentication
  • Integrated call parking
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Multiple Active Device Manager
  • Fully integrated with SmartBox file sync and share

Desktop UCC Application

For user security purposes, the WorldSmart account can only be universally accessed from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with the mobile application. However, you may acquire a free valid WorldSmart account with desktop UCC capability (optional on some seats).

Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM)

With Multiple Active Device Manager (MADM), you can manage and receive all your communications on any or all of your devices, including multiple desktops, tablets and smartphones. All notifications are coordinated and synchronized so you don't waste time manually deleting old notifications. And MADM allows you to remotely monitor, force log out and even block any of your devices remotely; a necessary feature should your device become stolen or lost. Once blocked, all locally cached content is immediately erased, preventing any information from being compromised.

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