Cloud Faxing Solutions

Cloud isn’t just for your phone system. Bring your faxing solution into the future as well. More and more companies are adopting a more dynamic, mobile way to fax documents quickly online.

Benefit of Online Fax

  • In a digital age, it’s more timely and efficient to send electronically
  • Digital fax is more cost effective than traditional faxing
  • The more functions a business houses in the cloud the more accessible and simple it is for teams to collaborate

Cut Costs While Increasing Efficiency

In the mobile and digital landscape of today, efficiency and affordability make cloud solutions a logical choice for business. When you choose Kumo cloud faxing you are free to keep your original number or choose a from a variety of toll-free and local options. Put away all the clunky hardware and get ready to save on repairs.

The Power of Mobility

Never miss an important fax again, by taking your faxing solution on the road with you. Simply send or receive any fax you need on any of your devices (i.e. smartphone, tablet or laptop)


Noteworthy Cloud Faxing Features:

  • Toll-free and local fax numbers available
  • Cloud fax solutions can receive both traditional and digital faxes
  • Faxes will arrive directly to your email inbox
  • Digital format makes it easy to store and reference back
  • Cloud faxing is completely secure with encrypted transmission
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