Kumo What Makes us Different?

Kumo: What Makes us Different?

It's Kumo Powered. For more than a decade, cloud-based data management services have appeared across the landscape and have become a reliable form of support for growing businesses in every industry. Some offer data storage, some offer software as a service, some manage company networks, and some help businesses streamline their sprawling IT systems so customers can stay connected and employees can work remotely. So with all these available service options, what sets Kumo apart? Why choose Kumo to manage your IT services and protect your business? Here’s why.



And we do mean everything. Whatever you make, do, sell, fix or manage for your customers, we allow you to focus on that—and only that—while we handle your entire IT operation from end to end. We’ll set up your network, manage it remotely, troubleshoot problems, monitor your system 24/7, and protect your data better anyone else can. And we do it for a flat fee. Hassle-free. All business. All the time. That’s Kumo.


White Glove Treatment

All Kumo customers and partners receive the same meticulous care and attention, no matter how big or small they may be. We treat brand new startups, midlevel companies and enterprise clients like…enterprise clients. Because to us, there’s no business that matters more than yours. We’ll give you the full attention you deserve, and if you need us day or night, we’ll be there. Always.


We provide management AND products.

When we manage your network, we make sure you have the ability control your switches and settings through a user-friendly interface. And when we set up a phone system, we bring the phones. Our products and hardware are top of the line—just like our service.


We keep you moving.

Kumo systems and services scale as your business grows, so if your demands begin to exceed the capacity of your network or service options, we can make adjustments without missing a beat. The same applies to location transfers; When you’re to move, Kumo can help you keep the process easy and seamless. Your customers can stay connected and your employees can stay productive. With Kumo, traffic and workflows continue without interruption.

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