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Kumo Cloud Solutions offers the cyber security Service for IT companies that need to protect their whole stack while keeping their systems accessible and convenient for employees.


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Cyber Security So Good, IT Experts Use It

Who understands the need for top-notch cyber security better than IT companies? Whether you’re developing new technology or maintaining your SaaS for your clients, what you offer your clients is inherently at risk to cyber-attacks. You know that security is a major issue for you, and you need the ability to be secure now as well as to update and scale your solutions to the future. You need to grow, without ever undermining your reputation for offering secure services.

Cybersecurity Coverage We Provide

Technology, SaaS and other IT companies are at risk from virtually all forms of security threats, although the specifics
will be dependent on your organization and what you provide or accomplish.

The good news is that Kumo Cloud Solutions offers a comprehensive range of protections to enable you to do your
best work while safe. Our solutions include:

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Endpoint Detection and Response

Automatically detect and address the potential threats at your end point and focus on the specifics of how your system could be impacted.

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Use ransomware file protection, automatic file recovery and even behavioral analysis to protect from ransomware.

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Deep Learning Technology

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool to detect known and unknown threats. Use it through us.

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Exploit Prevention

By knowing the exploits and techniques attackers use on a typical system to distribute malware, steal credentials and escape, we can fill the holes and gaps in your security.

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Managed Threat Response

We hunt, detect and respond to threats 24/7. Even sophisticated attacks can be neutralized by our elite team.

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Active Adversary Mitigations

Active adversary mitigation provide credential theft protection and so much more.

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Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training

Your employees can always use more knowledge about how to help protect your system from security threats.


Your Complete Solution

When you work with some cybersecurity companies, they only offer part of the protection that you
need. Not so at Kumo Cloud Solutions.

We have solutions to safeguard you at every point, protecting all of your assets, business processes,
and even your clients and customers. We offer security solutions for:


Endpoint protection












Cloud Optic











Whether on your own premises, in the cloud, or with your client at the endpoint, we can provide security that
gives you real peace of mind and protects your system, making it compliant with the latest standards without
making it a hassle to access for authorized users.

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Cybersecurity for IT Companies

We’re natives to the Cloud space and have the expertise to keep your network secure even as it adapts and spreads out across more endpoints.

Kumo Cloud Solutions provides all of the security you need, which means you can eliminate redundancies, work with one reliable partner, and save considerable money over cobbling together other security services to get what you need.

Every technology company is different. Reach out to Kumo Cloud Solutions to discuss what you need.

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