Your Desktop Can Be As Mobile As You Are



The way people used to work, isn’t the way they want to work now, or ever will work in the future. With companies moving increasing portions of their core business functions into the cloud, the landscape of work in this century is primed to be that of self-governing privilege. You choose – the place, the technology and the timetable. There need no longer be a correlation between work and tethering oneself to an office desk. With cloud desktop, enjoy flexibility and productivity from anywhere on any device you choose. Always stay connected to the office with your very own virtual workplace.



With the “Bring Your Own Device” concept, your office is where you are. Users have access to their very own work environment from any device: smartphones, tablets, desktop computer, laptop, and thin/zero clients. If your organization already engages in teleworking or is just considering introducing it, Kumo can help you with package customization and a smooth transition. If you’re in the market for increased employee satisfaction, cost savings and a more productive team then cloud desktop is for you.

Cost Efficiency


Plain and simple, bundling is cost effective. There is no large hardware purchases or unexpected maintenance costs. One low monthly fee we bundle: licensing, upgrades, escalations, regular maintenance and reporting. Help extend the overall life of your hardware investments and take advantage of the power of our enterprise-grade Desktop-as-a-Service.

Customizable & Scalable


Our Desktop-as-a-Service solution is entirely customizable. We understand your business is unique. Our team designs and implements a private virtual workspace fit just for you. Furthermore, we can put you in the driver seat, giving your company all the control it needs to suit your needs. Whether that means adding new users with a simple click or adjusting the user applications.



Our client’s security is always at the forefront our minds. We can ensure year-round 24x7 monitoring and support for your system. Our expert team and high security facilities protect and encrypt your business data from threats. Our stringent protection policies emphasize redundancy for quick and safe recovery when you need it most.

The technological landscape is going through a transformation. Cloud virtualization alternatives are the shift. The question is not if, it’s when you’ll make the move to the cloud. Are you ready to embrace the new way of working?

Our Infrastructural Specs


  • Data Center: Tier 3, Class 1
  • Compliance: HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes Oxley
  • Independent Audit Certifications: SAS70 & SSAE 16
  • SANs Storage: Self-Encrypted Drives (SEDs)

Noteworthy Features :


  • Enterprise Virtual Desktop
  • Hybrid Deployment
  • 50GB Storage
  • Any App Integration
  • Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Low Latency Application Delivery
  • N+1 Redundant HVAC System