It is with great enthusiasm, that I wish to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts put forth by you and your entire team.

The situation and circumstance associated with our dilemma, were uniquely nightmarish in content, though throughout the process, you and your team did nothing short of work miracles, time and time again.

To a career buyer of over 20 years, such performances do not go unnoticed.

To that end, service of this magnitude is typically associated with an order/contract that requires multiple signature internally and are macro in dollars spent to the vendor service or product.

Not the case in our experience with KUMO. Truly, your team shattered the model and treated us like a Fortune 500 Company, in the midst of a million dollar contract launch.

True, we as a company, “slow played” the process of quotation.

True too, should we have given a great emphasis to the “worst case scenario,” the situation we found ourselves in, could have been mitigated to a reasonable amount of discomfort (less the complete “line down” of the telecommunications system of our company for the better part of a weeks’ time).

Fast forward….. “Team KUMO to the rescue!”

Not to make light of the situation, but when the outcome is so favorable (as was the case in our situation), one wonders (from a operational/vendor relations perspective), “where the heck have you all been my professional life?”

Through the efforts of you all (including Chris our install tech), you managed to make Gabby and myself look like “Super-Star” problem solvers.

As a true believer in all things (both good and bad), roll downhill; from the peak of the situation, to that of the ground floor/resolution of said situation, take a bow Team KUMO. You CRUSHED IT!

If I may be so bold as to say, the entire timeline (or expedite, if you will) of our account set up, most certainly speaks to the culture built up within your company.

As a start-up company ourselves, being mindful of each new hire’s contribution to the overall company culture is paramount in our consideration of hire.

To a person I personally dealt with, no truer words are to be spoken than your team knows their industry, their specific contribution to the process and success of the company, and is mindful of communication and sensitivity of the person/customer they are dealing with.

Patience being a virtue and the language chosen to be spoken being the cornerstone of your customer relationships; thank you Del and Astrid (for your collective patient with my lack of due-diligence), and thank you Christina for “dumbing down” the terminology of our Cox Communication bill and creating solutions when the reluctance of the Cox team to make streamline, the issuance of the call forwarding to the temporary phone number you provided us.

Listen, time will tell, as butterflies and unicorns are nice, but so are honeymoons, relative to being married for 50 years (fyi-both of which are alien to me personally).

I can only speak my truth in this moment and to that point specifically; I could not be more grateful and appreciative of team KUMO’s contribution to our work place.

It is with much hope, that I can push forward, the conversation of turnkey IT support by your team as well.

All the best to you all. Bravo to the training/hiring model in which you have sourced these “unicorns” that work for you Reza.

At a time that is appropriate, Gabby and I would like to visit your facility and meet you all in person, as the fact that our company phone system is working and at such a robust nature (we are not even aware of the maximum possibility of the units and /or your service), is unreal to us both. To that end, we want to make sure you all are real and this is not but a happy ending to a nightmare we are both having.”

Purchasing Manager
Diality Inc.

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