Unified Communication

Kumo Leads The All-In-One Communications Cloud Industry

Unified communications, team messaging, file sync & share and business analytics from the only all-in-one, customizable, HIPAA/HITECH secure, communications cloud solution.


Powerful Cloud PBX

The all-in-one call, text, video/audio conference, team rooms, fax, web meeting, deskshare, HIPAA/HITECH secure cloud solution.

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True Team Messaging

Unlimited persistent team rooms with HIPAA security and built-in communications for collaborating with employees, customers and partners.

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Connectme Video & Screenshare Conferencing

Feature rich video and screenshare conferencing with enhanced security built-in.

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Smartbox File Sync & Share

End-to-end, unlimited, HIPAA/HITECH secure, file sync & share is built-in.

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Virtual Call Center

Locate agents anywhere in the world yet present a single call center view to your customers.

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Graphical Business Analytics

Have your teams running at their highest efficiency. See trends of what you’ve been missing… instantly.

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Integration & Customization

Konnect integrates and interoperates with many 3rd party applications and is fully customizable to fit your environment.

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WAN Network & Hardware

More than just the cloud service, Kumo offers complete WAN network solutions and on-premises IP phones, QoS routers and switches and more.

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Customizable Seat Packages

Konnect functionality can be tailored to each user and location in your enterprise.

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