Unified Communication

Exceptional Communications Come Standard

Having the right voice services is essential to any communications solution, but not all are created equal. Innovation, adaptability, and reliability are a must when choosing telephony services, and Kumo provides them all. We have the comprehensive tools you need to grow your business, service your customers, and keep your employees connected anywhere, at anytime.


VoIP Solutions

  • Save on phone bills by using existing internet connections instead of phone lines
  • Enjoy peerless mobility by ditching the old phone and tying numbers to any device
  • Never miss a call, route calls to your mobile device
  • Get advanced features like voice to email transcription
  • Consolidate services to one provider and save
  • Forget about delays, switching is fast and easy

Voice Communication for the Modern Business

The telephone is a fantastic invention, but it’s over 125 years old. The time has come to bring it into the modern era, and that is what Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is all about. Instead of seperate phone lines and systems, VoIP routes calls via the internet for crystal clear and reliable voice communication that can be leveraged on any device. Tie a phone number to a deskphone, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone and take calls when and how you want. Best of all, it’s all hosted on the cloud, which cuts costs and enables advanced features that Bell and Watson never could have imagined.


Kumo: Innovative Solutions for Your Business, Always.

Kumo has perfected VoIP by unifying all of its many and varied aspects and capabilities. Our apps and services simplify and streamline your business’s channels of communication to improve collaboration, customer service, business operations, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

The Kumo Powered Unified Communications Solutions allow you to bring your office anywhere with these exclusive benefits:

Why move voice to the cloud?

  • Budget Friendly – By utilizing your data connection to make calls, you no longer have to pay for services you aren’t using, long distance connections, or expensive hardware.
  • Accessible from Anywhere - Traditional phone services tie you to offices, rate plans, roaming charges, and long-distance charges; VoIP only charges a flat, predictable fee.
  • Never Miss a Call - Since a VoIP solution can incorporate all of your lines, phone numbers, and contacts, you never have to miss another important call.
  • Single Source Solution - All of your services are fully managed within the cloud, saving you time and money over old, multi-vendor solutions.
  • Increase Productivity – What would normally be dead time in transit or lapses in between activities can now be productive.
  • Easy Transition – Kumo VoIP is designed to interface and exchange information with all the existing business applications, processes, and software your staff are familiar with. You can even keep your old office phones!
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