Retail Clients

Looking for a simple solution to answering and
transferring calls in your busy workplace?

With the VTech ErisTerminal VDP650 Cordless 4-Line Series, you’ll find exactly what you need to improve call handling, hold calls, see incoming calls, and pick up a call placed on hold – by simply pressing a button on your handset. The series is easy to learn and even easier to use.

If you and your employees are on the go – the VTech system is for you. It fits every business: retail, restaurants, auto-repair facilities, and multi-location environments everywhere.


Extensive Mobility

This cordless deskset and handset offers terrific mobility with repeater support for an increased range. It allows a seamless, smooth handover between your repeaters and VDP650 base, so you’ll never have to worry again about losing a call. The system’s DECT 6.0 technology provides connectivity up to 500 feet of range.

And, this series supports up to eight SIP lines or accounts. Should you need more, you can add up to five additional VSP605 DECT repeaters to expand your coverage.


Call Handling

For improved call handling, the key-line operation allows you to place a call on hold and retrieve a call from another device – all with just one button. It’s the perfect, easy-to-learn solution for small businesses of all kinds. It’s the ultimate solution for on-the go employees from restaurants to retail – virtually any multi-location business.

SCA1 – shared line/call appearance can be handled simply, without any SCA support from your phone service provider. With a VDP650 base station that handles SCA lines locally, you can answer, hold and resume calls on any phone by touching a single button. And you’ll find SIP features including voicemail, auto attendants and DID routing from your provider.


Talk Time

The VSP650 series can provide an ample seven days of standby time and nine hours of talk time with the VDP651 – all without needing a charge.



Installing these systems is a breeze – cordless handsets and desksets can be paired in minutes with just one touch. All you need is a single Ethernet connection and a simple provision on your DECT base: no complicated wiring or cabling necessary.

Only the VDP650 base station requires configuration by a service provider.

Even tight spaces make a good fit for the VDP650 DECT cordless base station, which can be wall-mounted or free-standing.

And you can register and program additional cordless phones anytime to the VDP650 DECT cordless base station – each with its own phone number or extension.

Call handling

Managing up to eight SIP lines and multiple calls is simple. The system’s call handling features are
compatible with both hosted and open-source PBX platforms. With programmable backlit line keys,
you can easily hold and pick up calls from any cordless handset or deskset – and you can even
program a private extension.

Thanks to clear DECT 6.0 digital tech mobility, you can leave your deskset behind without leaving
your work, and have excellent sound quality without interfering with any wireless routers.


Three-year warranty

For the ultimate in peace of mind: VTech offers a standard three-year warranty, and provides advanced replacement on warranty claims with new - never refurnished - products.


Products include:

  • ErisTerminal SIP DECT Repeater
  • ErisTerminal SIP DECT Cordless 4-Line Handset
  • Accessory handset only - requires a VDP650 SIP DECT 4-Line Base Station
  • ErisTerminal SIP DECT Cordless 4-Line Deskset
  • Eris Terminal SIP DECT 4-Line Base Station




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