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Reach out to the team at Kumo Cloud Solutions to discuss what your business needs in terms of cloud IT solution. Our Experts can help.


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Grow your Security With Business IT Solutions

IT shouldn’t get in the way of you building your business. Instead, it should be a solution. Great corporate IT solutions can help you stay competitive or even lead your industry by making your process more efficient, more responsive, and more secure. When you can’t afford in-house IT solutions, or you know that your needs could be better met by a team of outside professionals who only focus on IT, Kumo Cloud Solutions is here for you.

Our IT Cloud Solutions

We understand the challenges that you face with your IT. We can help you ensure your needs are met with optimal flexibility and support, enabling you to grow your business without worrying if your IT can keep up. Some of the solutions that we offer include:

Advanced Kumo Cloud

Advanced Kumo cloud makes your company capable of working from anywhere you need. Store your data and applications with your team uses.

Infrastructure Installation

We can provide what you need. Obtaining better tools can be expensive and complicated. We work with various distributors to provide desktop computers and specialized applications in thought-out packages with excellent prices for our clients.

Employee Training

Enhance your team competencies to complement your technical expertise. Kumo employee training program helps team members to equip valuable skills that support the company’s larger business goals.

Kumo Clear Communications

Kumo Clear Communication offers the flexibility a growing enterprise needs. Our experts can equip your business with an adaptable and reliable communications system to make office calls from the comfort of your home.

We offer IT cloud solutions that offer security, ease of access and speed, meaning that you and your team can
access what you need, when you need, without compromising the safety and security of the business.


Why Choose Kumo Cloud Solutions?

IT is an on-going need. The field moves quickly, with new threats and new tools around the corner. Keeping up with
IT can make all the difference for your company, but few have the resources or the expertise in-company to handle
their own IT. Even major companies may prefer to use an outside IT company—because that is where the top
professionals in the field are working.

Kumo Cloud Solutions is an industry leader offering the best mixture of IT solutions in irvin for you. We offer:

Cost-efficient plans

When you choose the services that you need, you end up paying less.

US-based support

Our team is in the US and responds to your inquires quickly.

Dedicated service

We can resolve issues and make your IT even better afterwards.

99% reliability

Trust us for maintenance, updating, and data management that frees you.

More control

You can flexibly choose what you want, and operate your business as geographically spread-out as you need to.

More capabilities

We can help you adjust as you grow, scaling with you as your operations change or you take on new challenges.

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Our Approach to Your IT Needs

We provide a cohesive ecosystem of all of the Business IT solutions in orange county that your company may need. That means that you don’t need to work with multiple companies and worry about the gaps they miss or the places their efforts overlap. With streamlined, specific IT solutions, you get complete coverage at a reasonable cost.

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Reach out to the team at Kumo Cloud Solutions to discuss what your business needs
in terms of cloud IT solutions. Our experts can help.


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