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We can handle all the services that you need to get start with VoIP and keep your system up to date and running smoothly. Talk to us about how we can use a cloud-based VoIP system to get you what you need to run your business smoothly.


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Cloud Based Phone System

The Cloud allows you to combine all of the different ways you might want to communicate within your business onto one platform. Cloud-based phone systems are an important component of a unified communications solution. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol.

It allows you to use the internet to communicate as you would over a phone call. The advantages of this are much larger than they may at first appear, including lowered cost and improved reliability. Stop missing calls or struggling because your phone system doesn’t have the features that you need.

Our VoIP Offerings

We offer cloud-based VoIP systems which have advantages over other VoIP systems. That includes adding new users immediately
when you need to, changing your phone service when you need to, and accepting incoming calls which originate from anywhere.
Cloud-based VoIP can also be lower cost and provide more unique services than other VoIP options.

Advice about choosing system features

Including call routing or auto attendants Advice over whether your current internet service is fast enough for VoIP

Set-up the VoIP system

VOIP Set-up that you can access it, including in your unified communications system

Training for your team

Training team on how to use the system in order to make it smooth and worry-free

Advice on the hardware

Advice on hardware that you need to access the system, and its set-up

Maintenance and Updates

Manage the system down the road, including maintenance and updates

Backup and disaster recovery

Take the backup of all your critical data with our disaster recovery.


Why Choose Kumo

Beyond the convenience and cost savings of combining all of your communications into one system (including email
and file sharing) there are many benefits of just a cloud-based phone system alone. That includes:

Great for call centers

You might have agents throughout the globe, but with VoIP, your customers will see only a single call center.

Built-in security

Kumo Cloud Solutions works hard to ensure that all of the systems we implement for you are secure. We can offer you the cybersecurity you need for your VoIP and other systems.

Lowered cost

Without cable lines and their maintenance, this version of a phone call is a lot cheaper. You can use VoIP at a significantly lowered cost and save your organization money. This is especially useful as communication is such an essential service that you can’t just stop paying for.

No outages

VoIP systems are not overwhelmed by the number of callers you have or on-going calls. Despite high volumes, the system will not experience outage, which means you have more reliable calling.

Communicate from anywhere

The main advantage of VoIP is that your staff can make their calls from anywhere, including their laptop or phone when they are on the go.

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Our Approach to Your IT Needs

We provide a cohesive ecosystem of all of the IT solutions that your company may need. That means that you don’t need to work with multiple companies and worry about the gaps they miss or the places their efforts overlap. With streamlined, specific IT solutions, you get complete coverage at a reasonable cost.

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